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This revised and reformatted version of the 1831 Thomas Wood classic exposition on the creation of the earth has been updated for the 21st-century reader; however, I have maintained fidelity to the original author’s voice and style. The focus of the book is on that era when the elementary principles of matter were first produced; creatures were formed from the earth, and vitality given to a vast variety of animals. It speaks to that time when man, as the peculiar handiwork of God, was infused with mind and spirit through the very breath of God. It harkens to an era when motion was impressed on the universe, and the various planets began their orbicular revolutions; it is about that era when Time commenced.


At the time of the initial writing, the author availed himself of the enlightened state of science of his day. His aim was to direct the reader to “look through Nature, up to Nature’s God”. To this end, he examined the Mosaic account of the creation, day by day. It is my hope, as it was Mr. Wood’s, that the reader will find this eloquent and beautiful work instructive, and that it would cultivate the mind and amend the heart.