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My Nonfiction Literary Interests

 One of these classical works is found here and more will soon be added.

I have a deep interest in reintroducing to the public amazing classic works of literature, history (particularly ancient), and ancient sacred texts, which languish in forgotten archives.


I edit these works to reflect present day English language and reformat them to facilitate their readability on electronic devices. These works are rich sources of knowledge for students, researchers, and writers of fiction and nonfiction alike.

In fact, ancient knowledge can inform present day and futuristic works of science fiction and the supernatural as many contain stories and legends about demons, fallen angels, gods and demigods, fantastic creatures, and more!


Students of religion, scholars, and researchers will be delighted by the classic discourses I have "resurrected" from obscurity! These philosophical gems are expositions on a wide array of religious thought by great but little-known or long-forgotten philosophers, preachers, and teachers.


The roster of nonfiction works on which I am currently working include the following themes and genres:


~ Historical (e.g., the classical world, famous lives, wars, etc.)

~ Religion (mainly revised, edited, updated, and reformatted from forgotten gems)

~ Poetry (mainly my own, which feature Tanka poetry. Some classic and obscure works als0.